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  • If it’s a Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT you’re in need of, then Fratelli Market is it! Come discover our little jewel of an Italian specialty store where we take great pride in offering you the very best in all things Italian, from our Fratelli Market pasta and sauces, made by the same Brooklyn family for over 30 years, to our wide selection of Italian specialties. Ask the locals and they’ll tell you that you won’t find a Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT that does it quite like we do. From Sandwiches to Pasta, we have it all. Most of our pasta items can be ready in minutes and we also offer a wide range of prepared that you’ll rave about. We offer a wide range of gluten free products, organic lines and the best Italian products outside of Italy. We take great pride in bringing your palate the best possible Italian specialties available on the market…Fratelli Market that is! No need to see any other delis in Stamford CT. They’re just another Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT that will have to bow down to Fratelli’s Sandwiches. We are the best at what we do and everyone in town will tell ya! Just stop in and have a look! We also provide corporate catering in addition to local delivery. Our fresh prepared foods are always a hit and I don’t think we have to mention our sandwiches again do we? If you don’t see something on our menu, just ask and we’ll whip it right up just the way you like it. Here at our Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT, we take things seriously! From our breads down to our imported meats, we’re confident that no Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT will get the job done. We top off each and every sandwich with our signature mozzarella balls and if you haven’t heard by now, we’re it! Fratelli Market – Your favorite Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT.

    Fratelli Market | 17 Cedar Heights Road. Stamford, CT 06905 | (203) 322-1632 | | Facebook | Instagram


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  • 22 Reviews on “Fratelli Market – Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT”

    1. Kristy Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      By far the best sandwich I’ve had in Fairfield County! The bread, the cold cuts, the little mozzarella balls!!!!!! Heaven.

    2. Gabe Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      Top 3 best sandwiches I’ve had. Reminds me of the old school sandwich shops my father would take me to as a kid. Traditional Italian style sandwiches done right. Not too many places that still care to keep the taste and authenticity. A must try.

    3. Lauren Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      Great place to grab one of the best sandwiches around in my honest opinion. They also sell Italian novelties and things you may not find anywhere else locally. Really worth trying if you haven’t been.

    4. Steven R Jr. Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      I love this place. Great Italian food and probably the best sandwiches in the area. I live in Fairfield and go to A&S for my Italian products but Fratelli is right up there and probably is the best in Stamford in my opinion. The mozzarella balls on the sandwich are a staple of theirs and I recommend all of their sandwiches. I’m almost at the point where I can say I’ve tried them all! Great place. Parking is tight at times and the sitting area is small but the sandwiches are incredible. Recommended to all.

    5. Donna H. Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      Very good market. Fresh food, great sandwiches you won’t find at many other places and frozen italian dishes that you’ll love. You’ll get rewards also if you give them your cell phone. Love this place.

    6. Eric Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      Some of the best sandwiches in Stamford. The reviews are spot on. The dressing and mozzarella balls on the sandwich are a true staple of Fratellis and once you try a sandwich you won’t want a regular deli wedge. Great food.

    7. Dre Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      Incredible sandwiches. Huge selection and they’re all specialty sandwiches. Nothing mediocre on the list. Seriously worth checking out if you’re in the area or haven’t tried yet. Great food, really nice desserts and THE sandwiches!

    8. Sue M. Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      I will say that the sandwiches are the best in the area. The balls of fresh mozzarella are a nice touch on the top of the sandwich and the quality of the meats are superb. I’m definitely going back and looking forward to trying all the menu items. Seating is available but space is limited. More of a take out place but you can certainly sit at a table. Cute, comfy little place with amazing quality and taste in food. Very happy I found them. 4 stars. The only other sandwich shop I think rivals Fratelli’s is Alpen Pantry. Definitely two of the best to do it!

    9. Joey C. Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      If you don’t give the sandwiches 5 stars you really don’t know a good sandwich even if it hit you square in the face. Fratelli’s has the best bread, best imported cold cuts, best mozzarella cheese and the best sandwich selections you’ll find in Stamford. Only one other place I can think of comes close and not even that close. Alpen Pantry in Old Greenwich has a killer Italian combo but Fratelli’s takes the trophy. 10 stars if you ask me. The food is great.

    10. Janet P. Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      Really good. Great deli and market that offers hard to find Italian goodies. The food that is pre-made and even frozen is very good and the sandwiches they make are very popular. Great italian chocolates, trinkets etc. One of my favorite places to grab a bite. You can also sit down and eat which is nice. Worth trying if you haven’t been yet.

    11. Eric Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      So glad I found this place. Absolutely fantastic. You have to walk in and see it for yourself. Amazing sandwiches, great frozen foods that taste like you’d expect real food to taste, a ton of healthy options, great fresh food that is already prepared and some amazing goods from Italy…I was very impressed.

    12. Annette Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      Best deli in Stamford CT and really great gluten free foods. Fratelli Market has some of the best sandwiches, prepared foods and frozen foods around. Best Italian market and deli in Stamford CT. They have canned goods from Italy and my personal favorite, the Italian chocolates!!!!!! Italian delis in Stamford CT beware!

    13. Lou Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      Try the Italian Combo…if you can finish it you’re an animal! 🙂 Some of the best Italian selections and the food is always fresh and always incredible. They also carry pre-made dishes from pastas, pizzas and a whole array of frozen foods that are very good. I don’t go to any other deli for Italian food. They have gluten free foods also which I noticed is pretty popular now and they deliver. Can’t beat it!

    14. Danny Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      Awesome little place with a ton of stuff to choose from. Great prepared foods and even boxed that you can take home and freeze. Everything from pastas to pizzas. Great selections and quality stuff. I love it.

    15. Andy Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      First time I stepped foot inside this place I was immediately hooked. Reminds you of a real Italian neighborhood deli back on the block in NYC. Great food, huge emphasis on quality and real Italian products. A foodies heaven.

    16. Antoinette Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      I just wanted to chime in since I stopped by for the first time. The reviews are very honest and accurate and the quality of the products is obvious the second you walk in. The frozen foods are absolutely incredible and the prepared foods are out of this world. They even have tuna from Italy. The canned products are better than half the stuff you find fresh at some of these so called Italian delis. I highly recommend and I’m happy to know the reviews here were honest. I saw all 5 stars so I was skeptical. I’m italian and can say that this place is in a league of its own. My husband went nuts and he’s a picky eater! That says enough! 🙂

    17. Joli Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      OMG this place is the best. I come here every week for the pastas. Very reminiscent of an old Italian delicatessen in NYC. Incredible foods to choose from and you can sit down for lunch also which is nice.

      1. Ryan Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

        I agree. It’s amazing if you know and grew up on good food.

    18. Vin Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      The ready made stuff is really good too. Don’t think because it’s in a box that it isn’t as good as mamma’s Italian cooking. Best Italian deli and market hands downs. The meats and imported canned goods are all top notch.

    19. Teresa Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      Incredible smell as soon as you walk in. It’s almost impossible to not buy something. Some of the Italian products they have I’ve never come across in my life. Serious eats! 5 stars without hesitation.

    20. Anthony Fratelli Market - Sandwich Shop in Stamford CT

      Fratelli’s is easily the best true NY style Italian deli and market in Fairfield County. You walk in and know you’ve found the real deal.

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