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  • Anyone in the mood for great Italian? Welcome to Aria Restaurant located in Stamford, CT. Great food, great service, great drinks and a great ambiance always equal a great time! This is the formula Aria has adopted and perfected over the years to continuously bring Stamford the best possible dining experience. If you love good old fashioned Italian then Aria is sure to be on your next places to visit list. Thin sliced Filet Mignon Carpaccio, perfectly seasoned Calamari and Seared Lamb Chops that are worth raving about will keep you coming back for more. Be sure to check out their menu below and see for yourself why Aria has become one of Stamford’s favorite Italian restaurants.

    Aria Restaurant | 1033 Washington Blvd. Stamford, CT 06901 | (203) 324-2742 |

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  • 22 Reviews on “Aria”

    1. Joe A. Aria

      Great place that has been around. Consistently good food and great wines to choose from. Has been in the scene for a while but Stamford has changed quite a bit over the last few years. Lots of new places and too many options with little if any substance. Most places lack in that department and yet get all the shine primarily because people done really know good food…and yet everyone is a professional food critic these days. Aria has always been true to the food and authenticity. This is the reason I put it above so many newer places that appear to be booming. A patio and a large menu is enough to keep people satisfied it seems. I always wonder what happened to authentic food with substance? Few places still maintain that level of appreciation for their menu.

    2. Marcelo Aria

      One of the best halibut dishes around. Great place with good food and better wines than some of the bigger names that have taken over the area. I rate Aria up there for consistency and quality. Long time favorite.

    3. Josephine Aria

      I still feel this is the most traditional Italian in Stamford. They have never deviated from the way it is meant to be done. Very nice wines and a lovely set up. The young lady who always greets us is always great and all in all, it’s fantastico!

    4. Vin Aria

      Have never been here but I’ve passed by so many times. I just moved to Stamford and exploring. Is their menu not working?

    5. Pietro Aria

      One of my absolute favorite places in Stamford. Stamford has changed a lot over the past few years and although so many new places have opened, I still feel Aria has the best Italian feel when you come in. Very well done with class.

    6. Carmine Aria

      I always pass by Aria but haven’t been yet. My old colleagues would always go for lunch but I had a different schedule so I could never make it. They all love it so I know it’s good…plus they’re all Italians!

    7. Rebecca Aria

      Very tastefully done. Aria has a certain charm to it that you just don’t find everywhere. 5 stars for food, service and ambiance.

    8. Drew Aria

      I personally feel this is one of the better Italian restaurants in the area. I have a few others that are great but Aria has a certain feel that I really enjoy.

    9. Amy Aria

      Very well known in the Stamford area. I don’t think too many places put the time and thought into what they hope the experience of the customer actually is. Aria has always made sure the customer walks away with the experience. I think this is so important and that so many good restaurants are falling behind in regards to the experience. Sometimes good food and wine is not enough. Just my 2 cents.

    10. Edigio. F Aria

      Agree. Great wine selection. I don’t think the food is pricey at all. Very reasonable in fact, but if you plan on ordering good wine, then obviously expect to pay more.

    11. George Aria

      Good wine list although a tad bit pricey. I always order the chicken with arugula or pastrami sandwich. Definitely a good place to grab some Italian.

    12. Keith Aria

      A bit pricey but the food is really good. If they have the veal meatballs make sure you order them! They were a special when we last went and they were the best meatballs I’ve had.

    13. Mateo Aria

      My fiance and I just tried Aria a couple weeks ago and were impressed. Some mixed reviews online, but the food and service was excellent. I don’t really trust some of the review sites to be honest. I’m happy we gave this one a shot, would definitely go back.

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